Create a work item

Use Team Foundation work items to track work and progress for a team.

You can use any one of the Team Foundation client programs to create a work item or update an existing work item. By reassigning work items, modifying, and changing their states, you can track progress on a team project. Bulk adding or modifying work items by using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project helps you work quickly. You cannot change a work item from one type to another after you initiate the process of creating that item.

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You specify the values of some fields by choosing an option in a list or menu. These choices are defined by the work item type or by a pick list or global list. However, you must add options for the Area or Iteration classification fields for each team project. For more information, see Create and Modify Areas and Iterations.

For information about how to add options to other types of lists, see Define User Lists, Pick Lists, and Global Lists.