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Finding and Using Process Guidance

Process guidance is HTML content that documents the process to be followed by team members working on a team project. Team project work items, reports, and queries can all change during the life cycle of a team project, and be different between team projects. Process guidance provides details about a team project, such as how to complete work item fields, examples of healthy and unhealthy reports, and descriptions of the queries. Process guidance also provides details about the process to follow on a team project such as roles to assume, and activities to complete.

Finding Process Guidance

Process guidance is accessible from Team Explorer, the project portal, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project. For more information on accessing process guidance, see How to: Access Process Guidance in Team Explorer, How to: Access Process Guidance in the Project Portal, or Accessing Process Guidance in Microsoft Project and Microsoft Excel.

Using Process Guidance

Process guidance is used to coordinate the efforts of all team members. Use process guidance to get answers to questions about the team, such as roles and responsibilities, and specific items in use on the team project, such as reports and work items.

If you work on multiple team projects that use different processes, process guidance helps provide the details you need to know about when switching between team projects.

If you work on a single team project, process guidance is still useful because reports, work items, queries, and other items can change over time, and the process guidance should be up-to-date on how to use these items.

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