We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Using Team Explorer

Team Explorer is used to access the team projects on which you are working. When you join a team project, or move from one team project to another, you need to update which team projects display in Team Explorer. This section explains how to manage which team projects are displayed and how to access the process guidance documentation for each team project.

In This Section

How to: Connect to Team Foundation Server

Explains the steps to connect Visual Studio with Team Foundation Server.

How to: Add or Remove a Team Project

Explains the steps to add or remove an existing team project to or from Team Explorer.

How to: Open an Existing Team Project

Explains the steps to open an on-going team project.

How to: Refresh Team Explorer

Explains the steps to update an individual node, an individual team project node, or all team project nodes.

How to: Access Process Guidance in Team Explorer

Explains how to view process guidance documentation through either the Help menu or Team Explorer nodes. The process guidance documentation explains the organization and workflow of each team project.

Team Explorer Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Provides a list of keyboard shortcuts for Team Explorer.

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