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Team Foundation Project Members

A Team Foundation project member is anyone who uses Team Foundation and is an active member of a team project. This section describes common tasks and conceptual information that all project members typically perform. Project leads and administrators are also project members and should consult this section as needed.

In This Section

Finding and Using Process Guidance

Provides details on accessing process guidance from various tools and how it helps you work with others on a project.

Using Team Explorer

Provides links to topics on managing your project through Team Explorer.

Using the Team Project Portal

Explains the purpose of a team project portal and how to use it.

Setting Alerts

Lists topics for setting alerts to notify team members about changes to work items.

Managing Team Foundation Work Items

Lists topics for project members who query, add, and edit work items.

Working with Team Foundation Source Control

Lists topics for project members who use source control for tasks such as adding projects and solutions to source control, updating files, comparing files, correcting conflicts, and branching and merging.

Managing Work Items in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project

Lists topics for project members who view, publish, and refresh work items in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project.

Working Across Team Projects as a Project Member

Explains how to monitor and perform your work across multiple team projects.

Working with Older Visual Studio Projects or Other Code Projects

Explains how to use Team Foundation to collaborate work on the projects by tracking work items, versioning source code, and maintaining documents.

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