This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthrough: Viewing Team Foundation Build Report Results

This walkthrough demonstrates how to analyze the results of a build using Team Foundation Build.

In this walkthrough, you step through the process of analyzing and understanding the results of a project build. You will complete the following tasks:

  • Investigate the summary status information in the Team Build Browser.

  • View the Detailed Build report.

  • View the log file.

  • View the built binaries.

To investigate the summary status information in Team Foundation Build Browser

  1. Open Team Explorer and in the applicable team project, expand the Team Builds node.

  2. Click either the All Build Types node, or any build types listed under it to display the Team Build Browser. In the Team Build Browser, you can view summary status information on builds that have run or are currently running. The information is categorized in columns and includes Build Status, Build Quality, and Completed On.


    The columns are sortable, Click any of the columns to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

    If a build is still running, the Completed On column is blank and In Progress displays in the Build Status column.


    You can right-click in the Team Build Browser and choose Refresh to view the updated Build Status.

  3. The Build Quality is modifiable, right-click a build row, and choose Edit Build Quality. A drop-down list will appear in the Build Quality column next to the build quality value for the build that you selected. The values available are listed in the following table.

    Quality state Description

    Initial Test Passed

    The build has passed it initial test.

    Lab Test Passed

    The lab has passed its tests.

    Ready for Deployment

    The build is ready for deployment.

    Ready for Initial Test

    The build is ready for its initial test pass.


    The build is in a rejected state.


    The build is released.

    UAT Passed

    The user acceptance testing has passed.

    Under Investigation

    The build is under investigation.


    The build is in an unexamined state.


    You can create new quality states that are applicable to your team environment. For more information, see How to: Create Build Quality States.

    The selected build quality is updated in Team Foundation Build Browser

To view the Detailed Build report

  • In the Team Build Browser, double-click the Name column under any build to open it in its own window for reviewing the details associated with it.

    The detailed build report displays the following sections. For more information, see Overview of Build Reports.


    You can right-click the report and choose Refresh to view updated Build Status.

    • Summary   View the overall status of the build.

    • Build steps   Displays the build steps conducted during the build.

    • Associated changesets   Lists the changesets affiliated with the build.

    • Associated Work Items    View the work items associated with the build.

To view the log file

  1. Open the Detailed Build report as described in the previous procedure.

  2. In the Summary section, in the Log row, click the Build Log link.

    The detailed log file is saved in the following location on the build computer:

    {Build drop location}\{Build Number}\buildlog.txt

To view the build binaries

  1. Open the Detailed Build report.

  2. Click the active link next to the build name.

    The binaries are saved in the following location on the build computer:

    {Build drop location}\{Build Number}\binaries