This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthrough: Running a Build Definition in Team Foundation Build

This walkthrough shows you how to start a build using Team Foundation Build for a particular build definition.

In this walkthrough, you step through the process of choosing a build definition and manually starting a build.

Required Permissions

To complete this walkthrough, you must have the Team Foundation Server Start a build permission set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions..

To choose a build definition and start a build

  1. Select your team project in Team Explorer.

  2. On the Build menu, click Queue New Build.

    The Queue Build "Team project name" dialog appears.

  3. Under the Build definition drop-down list, select the build definition that you want to run.

  4. Under Build agent, either use the default build agent or use the drop-down list to change the build agent.

  5. Under Priority in queue, change the priority, if needed.

    The default value is Normal. Other possible values are High, Above Normal, Below Normal, and Low.

  6. As an option, add MSBuild command-line arguments in the MSBuild command-line arguments (optional) text box.

    For example:

    /v:diagnostic /p:versionToGet="myVersion"
  7. Click Queue to start the build.