This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Walkthrough: Running a Build Type in Team Foundation Build

This walkthrough demonstrates how to start a build using Team Foundation Build for a particular build type.

In this walkthrough, you step through the process of choosing a build type and manually starting a build.

To choose a build type and start a build

  1. On the Build menu, click Build Team Project {Team Project Name}.

    The Build dialog box displays a list of all existing build types.

  2. Under the Build type drop-down list, select the build type which you wish to run.

  3. Under Build Location, optionally change the Build machine using the drop-down list or leave it with the default machine configured with the build type.

  4. Under Build directory on selected machine, optionally change the default directory that the build will use, or leave the default directory configured with the build type.


    When selecting the build directory, ensure that there is enough space to build, insufficient space will lead to failed builds.

  5. Click Build to start the build.