This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Team Foundation Source Control Walkthroughs

This section includes walkthroughs which explore using source control, performing a peer code review and using source control from the command line. For more information on Team Foundation source control, see Team Foundation Source Control.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Exploring Team Foundation Source Control

Explores the Team Foundation source control environment.

Walkthrough: Working with Team Foundation Source Control from Command Line

Demonstrates using the command line in association with Team Foundation source control.

Walkthrough: Advanced Functionality of Source Control

Explains how to conduct a branch and merge operation, resolve resulting merge conflicts, and apply labels.

Walkthrough: Shelving Source Control Items

Demonstrates how to conduct a shelve operation.

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Team Foundation Source Control Command-Line Reference

Links to reference material associated with Team Foundation source control including command line syntax, warnings, and errors.

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