SourceSafe Options Dialog Box, Custom Editors Tab (Explorer and Plug-in)

Allows you to set custom editor specifications for your team's files. A custom editor is a program, for example, Notepad, to use for viewing, editing, or merging Visual SourceSafe files, and possibly file comments. A specification consists of the file extension, the operation for which to define an editor, and the executable file for the editor to use for the particular extension and operation.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Options, then Custom Editors.

In Visual Studio, on the Tools menu, click Options. In the Options dialog box for source control, select Source Control, then Plug-in Settings, and click Advanced. See the "Plug-in Tabs for Source Control (Options Dialog Box)" topic in the Visual Studio Help.


Adds a custom editor specification to the list of editors in the Editors box.

Command Line

Specifies the path to the executable file for an editor program, for example, Notepad.exe.


Removes a custom editor specification from the list in the Editors box.


Lists the custom editors that you have defined for each file extension and operation.


Specifies the operation for which to set an editor. Possible options are:

Option Description

File View

Specifies file viewing or editing.

File Difference

Specifies the display of file differences.

File Merge

Specifies file merging.

File Extension

Specifies the file extension, for example, *.txt, for which to add a custom editor.

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