Assignments for <name> Dialog Box (Administrator)

Visual Studio 2005

Changes project rights to a Visual SourceSafe database for the selected user.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, open the database of interest and select the user for whom to change project rights. On the Tools menu, click Rights Assignments for User.


To use this dialog box, you must first select Enable Rights and Assignments commands on the Project Rights tab in the SourceSafe Options dialog box.

Add Assignment

Displays the Add Assignment for <name> dialog box to allow you to adjust the project rights assignment for the selected user.

Delete Assignment

Deletes the user's access rights for a selected project.


Specifies the projects in which the selected user has been assigned access rights.


Specifies the project rights assigned to a user.

User Rights

Specifies project rights Read, Check Out/Check In, Add/Rename/Delete, or Destroy. After you select a check box, the corresponding project right is displayed in the Rights column.

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