Add to SourceSafe Dialog Box (Plug-in)

Adds a solution or a project to source control in Visual Studio. This dialog box is displayed in Visual Studio by either the SourceSafe Internet plug-in or the SourceSafe LAN plug-in.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual Studio, on the File menu, click Source Control, and then click Add Solution to Source Control or Add Selected Projects to Source Control. A solution or a project must be selected in Solution Explorer for these commands to appear.


Prompts you with a message that says that the selected item does not exist and asks if you want to create it. Clicking Create in the message box places the selected item under source control in the database. The database hierarchy is displayed so that you can see where your item is added.


Specifies the folder where you want to store your files.


Specifies the destination of the files in Visual SourceSafe.


Specifies the name for the project or solution that you are adding to source control.

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