Getting Started with Visual SourceSafe

This section includes information and instructions to help you install and configure Visual SourceSafe on server, client, and database machines. To perform the procedures included in this section, you should be a database administrator with access to all team members.

In This Section

Installing Visual SourceSafe

Describes how to prepare the machines in your environment to work with a Visual SourceSafe database, and how to install Visual SourceSafe programs.

Adding and Configuring a Database

Tells how to configure the server and the database(s) for your team after installation of Visual SourceSafe.

Related Sections

Introducing Visual SourceSafe

Provides an introduction to Visual SourceSafe by describing how the product works and defining its main operations.

Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe

Includes setup and security information and procedures that you should use in introducing your team to Visual SourceSafe and in ongoing team management.