Visual SourceSafe
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Visual SourceSafe

Visual Studio 2005

This Help system describes Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, a file-level version control system that delivers restore point and team coordination capabilities.

In This Section

Introducing Visual SourceSafe

Provides an introduction to Visual SourceSafe by describing how the product works and defining its main operations.

What's New in Visual SourceSafe

Describes features of the product that are new in the latest release.

Getting Started with Visual SourceSafe

Provides information and procedures for installing Visual SourceSafe and adding and configuring a database.

Managing Your Team Using Visual SourceSafe

Includes setup and security information and procedures that you should use in introducing your team to Visual SourceSafe and in ongoing team management.

Performing Basic Visual SourceSafe Tasks

Describes procedures for users who access an installed and configured Visual SourceSafe database for daily tasks.

Using the Visual SourceSafe Command Line

Provides details of Visual SourceSafe commands and tells how to use them from the command line.

Maintaining and Optimizing Visual SourceSafe

Discusses maintenance and optimization for Visual SourceSafe databases.

Using Visual SourceSafe with Other Products

Describes the use of Visual SourceSafe in third-party products, for example, Visual Studio.

Visual SourceSafe Automation

Introduces the Visual SourceSafe automation interfaces, which you can use to extend Visual SourceSafe functionality.

Visual SourceSafe Reference

Provides technical information about Visual SourceSafe, including details about commands, initialization variables, shortcuts, maintenance tools, dialog boxes and wizards, and automation interfaces.

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