System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory Namespace Overview

The System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory namespace is a high-level abstraction object model that builds around Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services directory service tasks. The Active Directory Domain Services concepts such as forest, domain, site, subnet, partition and schema are parts of the object model that are implemented by the classes in this namespace. These classes simplify the programming steps that are required to perform common Active Directory Domain Services tasks such as managing topologies, trusts, the Active Directory Domain Services schema, partitions, and replication. Using this namespace enables developers and system administrators to focus on accomplishing important tasks rather than on technical details such as composing complex Active Directory Domain Services object paths.

Where Applicable

The System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory namespace contains classes that can automate Active Directory Domain Services administrative tasks such as topology management, replication configuration, and schema management. System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory is not used for general access to data that resides within Active Directory Domain Services or any other directory service. For general access to data, use the System.DirectoryServices namespace.

Developer Audience

The System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory namespace is intended for use by application developers who are familiar with .NET Framework programming using Visual Basic .NET or C#. Knowledge of directory services programming is also helpful.

Run-Time Requirements

System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory is supported on the following platforms: Windows XP and Windows 2000 Server.

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