Smart Device Samples

You can find many device samples in <drive>:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK R2\Samples and at Device Emulator samples and Smart Device Connectivity API Samples.

The following native samples use Visual C++ to exemplify common device application scenarios.

Native Samples (Devices)

Provides links to three sample native applications on the Mobile Developer Center site.

Programming for Devices Using the .NET Compact Framework

Provides information about how to develop smart device applications by using the Visual Basic or C# languages and the .NET Compact Framework.

Samples and Walkthroughs (Smart Device Projects)

Includes links to sample projects that illustrate the syntax, structure, and techniques that are used to solve various device programming challenges.

Smart Device Connectivity API Samples

Provides links to samples that demonstrate functionality in the Smart Device Connectivity API.

Windows Mobile Version 5.0 SDK Code Samples

Includes links to samples that illustrate functionality in the Windows Mobile SDK.

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