This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Debugging Device Projects

Debugging projects that run on smart devices is like debugging projects that run on the desktop. One difference is that the device project processor on which the debugging happens is not on the development computer, and therefore connection issues play a role in device debugging.

The topics in this section summarize the differences from debugging desktop projects, and provide some useful tips for debugging on a device.

Security noteSecurity Note:

Debugging applications on a device or emulator that has confidential or sensitive information might pose a security risk.

Differences Between Device And Desktop Debuggers

Describes areas where the device debugging experience differs from that of the desktop.

How to: Attach to Managed Device Processes

Describes how to attach to managed processes that are already running.

How to: Change Device Registry Settings

Describes using the Remote Registry Editor to change registry settings on the device.

Walkthrough: Debugging a Solution that Includes Both Managed and Native Code

Describes the steps for alternately starting the native and managed debuggers.