Execute Package Utility F1 Help

Use the Execute Package Utility to run a Integration Services package. This user interface, which can be opened from SQL Server Management Studio or by typing DTExecUI at a command prompt, is an alternative to running packages by using the DTExec command prompt tool.

Packages execute in the same process as the dtexecui.exe utility. Because this utility is a 32-bit tool, packages run by using dtexecui.exe in a 64-bit environment run in Windows on Win32 (WOW). When developing and testing commands by using the dtexecui.exe utility on a 64-bit computer, you should test the commands in 64-bit mode by using the 64-bit version of dtexec.exe before deploying or scheduling the commands on a production server.

The Execute Package Utility is a graphical user interface for the DTExec command prompt tool. The user interface makes it easy to configure options and it automatically assembles the command line that is passed to the DTExec command prompt tool when you run the package from the specified options.

The Execute Package Utility can also be used to assemble command lines that you use when running DTExec directly.

This section contains topics that describe the options that appear on the pages of the Execute Package Utility dialog box.

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