Maintenance Plan (Reporting and Logging)

Updated: 12 December 2006

Use the Reporting and Logging dialog box to configure the reports and logs that are generated when maintenance plans are executed.

Generate a text file report

Specify if you want SQL Server to write a text file report.

Create a new file

Create a new report file for each execution of the maintenance plan. By default, the report files are written to the computer hosting the instance of SQL Server that contains this maintenance plan, in the folder established as the default log folder during SQL Server setup. To specify a different folder, enter the full path of the folder in the Folder text box, or click the browse button (...) and navigate to the desired folder.

Append to file

Append the report from each plan execution to the file specified in the File name text box. You may also specify a file by clicking the browse button (...) and selecting a file from the dialog box.

Send report to an e-mail recipient

Transmit the outcome of a maintenance plan execution via e-mail. This option is only available if Database Mail is enabled and properly configured.

Agent operator

Select an agent operator from the list who will be the recipient of the e-mail. This option is only available if mail is enabled and properly configured.

Log extended information

Include more information in the log. Including this option will increase the size of the stored maintenance plan history.

Log to remote server

Logs maintenance plan history to a remote server.


Specifies the connection information to use when logging to a remote server.


Displays the Connection Properties dialog box. Used to configure new connection information for logging to a remote server.

Release History

12 December 2006

New content:
  • Documented SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 changes to the dialog box.