Maintenance Plan Wizard (Select Report Options Page)

Use the Select Report Options page to define a report of the task activity, and to configure the task to notify people when the task is completed. The report contains details of the steps executed by the maintenance plan. This includes any error information.

The mail part of this task uses the sp_notify_operator statement.

Write a report to a text file

Save the report in a file.

Folder location

Specify the location of the file that will contain the report.

E-mail report

Select the check box to send e-mail when a task fails. To use this task you must have Database Mail enabled and correctly configured with MSDB as a Mail Host Database, and have a Microsoft SQL Server Agent operator with a valid e-mail address.

Agent operator

Specify the recipient of the e-mail.

Mail profile

Specify the profile that defines the sender of the e-mail.

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