Server Properties (Connections Page)

Server Properties (Connections Page)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use this page to view or modify your connection options.

Maximum number of concurrent connections (0 = unlimited)
If set to a value other than zero, limits the number of connections that SQL Server will allow.

System_CAPS_ICON_caution.jpg Caution

Setting this to a small value, such as 1 or 2, can prevent administrators from connecting to administer the server; however, the Dedicated Admin Connection can always connect.

Default connection options
Specifies the default connection options, as described in the following table.

Configuration optionDescription
disable deferred constraint checkingControls interim or deferred constraint checking.
implicit transactionsControls whether a transaction is started implicitly when a statement is run.
cursor close on commitControls behavior of cursors after a commit operation has been performed.
ansi warningsControls truncation and NULL in aggregate warnings.
ansi paddingControls padding of fixed-length variables.
ansi nullsControls NULL handling when using equality operators.
arithmetic abortTerminates a query when an overflow or divide-by-zero error occurs during query execution.
arithmetic ignoreReturns NULL when an overflow or divide-by-zero error occurs during a query.
quoted identifierDifferentiates between single and double quotation marks when evaluating an expression.
no countTurns off the message returned at the end of each statement that states how many rows were affected.
ansi null default onAlters the session's behavior to use ANSI compatibility for nullability. New columns defined without explicit nullability are defined to allow nulls.
ansi null default offAlters the session's behavior not to use ANSI compatibility for nullability. New columns defined without explicit nullability are defined not to allow nulls.
concat null yields nullReturns NULL when concatenating a NULL value with a string.
numeric round abortGenerates an error when a loss of precision occurs in an expression.
xact abortRolls back a transaction if a Transact-SQL statement raises a run-time error.

For more information on connection options, search Books Online for the specific option.

Allow remote connections to this server
Controls the execution of stored procedures from remote servers running instances of SQL Server. Selecting this check box has the same effect as setting the sp_configureremote access option to 1. Clearing it prevents execution of stored procedures from a remote server.

Remote query timeout (in seconds, 0 = no timeout)
Specifies how long (in seconds) a remote operation may take before SQL Server times out. The default is 600 seconds, or a 10-minute wait.

Require distributed transactions for server-to-server communication
Protects the actions of a server-to-server procedure through a Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) transaction. For more information, see Configure the remote proc trans Server Configuration Option.

Configured Values
Displays the configured values for the options on this pane. If you change these values, click Running Values to see whether the changes have taken effect. If they have not, the instance of SQL Server must be restarted first.

Running Values
View the currently running values for the options on this pane. These values are read-only.

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