Export Package

Use the Export Package dialog box, available in SQL Server Management Studio, to export a Integration Services package to a different location and optionally, modify the protection level of the package.

Package location

Select the type of storage to export the package to. The following options are available:

SQL Server

File System

SSIS Package Storage


Type a server name or select a server from the list.


Select Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication. This option is available only if the storage location is SQL Server.

Important noteImportant

Whenever possible, use Windows Authentication.

Authentication type

Select an authentication type.

User name

If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a user name.


If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a password.

Package path

Type the package path, or click the browse button (…) and locate the folder in which to store the package.

Protection level

Click the browse button (…) and update the protection level in the Package Protection Level dialog box. For more information, see Package Protection Level.

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