sys.dm_repl_traninfo (Transact-SQL)


Updated: June 10, 2016

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO:yesSQL Server (starting with 2008)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Returns information on each replicated or change data capture transaction.

Column nameData typeDescription
fp2p_pub_existstinyintIf the transaction is in a database published using peer-to-peer transactional replication. If true, the value is 1; otherwise, it is 0.
db_verintDatabase version.
comp_range_addressvarbinary(8)Defines a partial rollback range that must be skipped.
textinfo_addressvarbinary(8)In-memory address of the cached text information structure.
fsinfo_addressvarbinary(8)In-memory address of the cached filestream information structure.
begin_lsnnvarchar(64)Log sequence number (LSN) of the beginning log record for the transaction.
commit_lsnnvarchar(64)LSN of commit log record for the transaction.
dbidsmallintDatabase ID.
rowsintID of the replicated command within the transaction.
xdesidnvarchar(64)Transaction ID.
artcache_table_addressvarbinary(8)In-memory address of the cached article table structure last used for this transaction.
servernvarchar(514)Server name.
server_len_in_bytessmallintCharacter length, in bytes, of the server name.
databasenvarchar(514)Database name.
db_len_in_bytessmallintCharacter length, in bytes, of the database name.
originatornvarchar(514)Name of the server where the transaction originated.
originator_len_in_bytessmallintCharacter length, in bytes, of the server where the transaction originated.
orig_dbnvarchar(514)Name of the database where the transaction originated.
orig_db_len_in_bytessmallintCharacter length, in bytes, of the database where the transaction originated.
cmds_in_tranintNumber of replicated commands in the current transaction, which is used to determine when a logical transaction should be committed.
is_boundedupdate_singletontinyintSpecifies whether a unique column update affects only a single row.
begin_update_lsnnvarchar(64)LSN used in a unique column update.
delete_lsnnvarchar(64)LSN to delete as part of an update.
last_end_lsnnvarchar(64)Last LSN in a logical transaction.
fcompletetinyintSpecifies whether the command is a partial update.
fcompensatedtinyintSpecifies whether the transaction is involved in a partial rollback.
fprocessingtexttinyintSpecifies whether the transaction includes a binary large data type column.
max_cmds_in_tranintMaximum number of commands in a logical transaction, as specified by the Log Reader Agent.
begin_timedatetimeTime the transaction began.
commit_timedatetimeTime the transaction was committed.
session_idintID of the change data capture log scan session. This column maps to the session_id column in sys.dm_cdc_logscan_sessions.
session_phaseintNumber that indicates the phase the session was in at the time the error occurred. This column maps to the phase_number column in sys.dm_cdc_errors.
is_known_cdc_tranbitIndicates the transaction is tracked by change data capture.

0 = Transaction replication transaction.

1 = Change data capture transaction.
error_countintNumber of errors encountered.

Requires VIEW DATABASE STATE permission on the publication database or on the database enabled for change data capture.

Information is only returned for replicated database objects or tables enabled for change data capture that are currently loaded in the article cache.

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