SQL Destination Editor (Connection Manager Page)

Use the Connection Manager page of the SQL Destination Editor dialog box to specify data source information, and to preview the results. The SQL Server destination loads data into tables or views in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

To learn more about the SQL Server destination, see SQL Server Destination.

OLE DB connection manager

Select an existing connection from the list, or create a new connection by clicking New.


Create a new connection by using the Configure OLE DB Connection Manager dialog box.

Use a table or view

Select an existing table or view from the list, or create a new connection by clicking New.


Create a new table by using the Create Table dialog box.


When you click New, Integration Services generates a default CREATE TABLE statement based on the connected data source. This default CREATE TABLE statement will not include the FILESTREAM attribute even if the source table includes a column with the FILESTREAM attribute declared. To run an Integration Services component with the FILESTREAM attribute, first implement FILESTREAM storage on the destination database. Then, add the FILESTREAM attribute to the CREATE TABLE statement in the Create Table dialog box. For more information, see Designing and Implementing FILESTREAM Storage.


Preview results by using the Preview Query Results dialog box. Preview can display up to 200 rows.

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