ASP.NET Health Monitoring

ASP.NET Health Monitoring

ASP.NET health monitoring allows system administrators to monitor the status of deployed Web applications. It supports the following general scenarios:

  • Monitoring the performance of an application to ensure that it is healthy.

  • Rapidly diagnosing failing applications or systems.

  • Appraising significant events during the lifecycle of a given application.

The health monitoring system includes the event types responsible for packaging application health status information, the provider types responsible for processing this information, and the supporting types that help during the management of health events.


Medium trust or higher is required to raise a health-monitoring event.

The topics in this section will help you understand how to program, configure, and use the health monitoring system.

In This Section



The namespace containing types for managing and monitoring the health status of Web applications.


The namespace containing types for connecting to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) infrastructure.


The namespace containing types to instrument applications for WMI potential consumers.


The type that programmatically gets or sets the healthMonitoring configuration attributes.

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