HOST_NAME (Transact-SQL)


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Returns the workstation name.

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When the parameter to a system function is optional, the current database, host computer, server user, or database user is assumed. Built-in functions must always be followed by parentheses.

System functions can be used in the select list, in the WHERE clause, and anywhere an expression is allowed.

System_CAPS_ICON_important.jpg Important

The client application provides the workstation name and can provide inaccurate data. Do not rely upon HOST_NAME as a security feature.

The following example creates a table that uses HOST_NAME() in a DEFAULT definition to record the workstation name of computers that insert rows into a table recording orders.

   (OrderID     int        PRIMARY KEY,  
    CustomerID  nchar(5)   REFERENCES Customers(CustomerID),  
    Workstation nchar(30)  NOT NULL DEFAULT HOST_NAME(),  
    OrderDate   datetime   NOT NULL,  
    ShipDate    datetime   NULL,  
    ShipperID   int        NULL REFERENCES Shippers(ShipperID));  

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