Attribute Profiles Tab (Mining Model Viewer View)

Use the Attribute Profiles tab to show the distribution of each input attribute state against the predictable attribute states, in a tabular format.

For More Information: Microsoft Naive Bayes Algorithm, Viewing a Mining Model with the Microsoft Naive Bayes Viewer

Refresh viewer content

Reload the mining model in the viewer.

Mining Model

Choose a mining model to view that is contained in the current mining structure. The mining model will open in its associated viewer.


Choose a viewer to use to explore the selected mining model. This list includes the viewers that Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services provides for each mining model, the Microsoft Mining Content Viewer, and any plug-in viewers.

Show Legend

Include the States column in the viewer.

Histogram bars

Select how many bars to include in the histogram. If more bars exist than you choose to display, the bars of highest importance are retained, and the remaining bars are grouped together into Other.


Select a predictable column from the mining model.

Attribute Profiles

The table contains the following columns:




Lists the mining model columns contained within the mining model.


An optional column that describes what state the color in the corresponding row of attributes represents. Add or remove by using the Show Legend check box.


Displays the distribution of the attribute across the whole dataset.

Column for states of predictable attribute

Displays a column for each state of the predictable column, with each row corresponding to an input attribute in the model.

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