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ASP.NET Development

ASP.NET Development

Visual Web Developer is a tool for creating and working with ASP.NET Web applications or Web sites in a variety of configurations.

ASP.NET Overview

Provides general information about ASP.NET and discusses factors that you should consider when you create a Web site by using ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Walkthroughs by Scenario

Provides a series of walkthroughs that cover common scenarios for creating an ASP.NET Web site, and highlights some new features.

ASP.NET Code Sample Downloads

Lists downloadable samples that you can use to learn more about ASP.NET.

Visual Web Developer Express

Describes features for Web development that are available in Visual Web Developer Express and how they compare to features in other versions of Visual Studio.

What's New in ASP.NET 4 and Visual Web Developer

Provides a summary of changes and new features in ASP.NET 4 and for Web development in Visual Studio.

Visual Web Developer Content Map

Provides a learning path that describes how to start working with Visual Web Developer and ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Web Pages

Provides information about how ASP.NET Web pages function and about how to create and program them.

ASP.NET Web Projects

Provides information about how to create ASP.NET Web applications.


Provides links to topics that describe how to use the model-view-controller (MVC) development pattern to create ASP.NET Web applications.

ASP.NET Infrastructure

Provides information about the infrastructure that underlies ASP.NET, which includes HTTP handlers and HTTP modules, and various forms of state management.

ASP.NET Controls

Provides information about how ASP.NET Web server and user controls work, how to add them to ASP.NET pages, and how to program them.

ASP.NET Custom Server Controls Content Map

Provides information about how to create custom ASP.NET controls.

ASP.NET Client Script

Provides information about how to use AJAX and client script to enhance the performance and appearance of a Web site.

Microsoft Ajax

Provides information about creating Ajax-based Web applications using Microsoft technologies.

ASP.NET Data Access

Provides information about how to display and edit data in ASP.NET Web pages.

ASP.NET Security

Provides information about security threats to an ASP.NET Web site, about ways to reduce threats, and about ways to authenticate and authorize users.

ASP.NET Web Site Administration

Provides information about how to configure an ASP.NET Web site and how to manage site performance.

ASP.NET Deployment Content Map

Provides information about how to build and deploy (publish) Web sites, and information about how to precompile a site.

ASP.NET Performance, Troubleshooting, and Debugging

Provides information about how to handle errors, debug ASP.NET pages, view trace information during page processing, and monitor the health of a Web site.

ASP.NET Conversion and Migration

Provides information about how to convert Web projects that were created in earlier versions of Visual Studio.

ASP.NET Web Sites for Mobile Devices

Provides information about features in ASP.NET that help you create applications that can run in browsers on mobile phones and other devices.

ASP.NET Command-Line Tools

Lists command-line tools that you can use to manage and administer ASP.NET Web sites and applications.

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