This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Web Developer 

Visual Web Developer is a tool for creating and working with ASP.NET Web applications (called simply "Web sites") in a variety of configurations.

In This Section


Provides general information on Visual Web Developer and on improvements and enhancements in the Web development tool since Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Guided Tour of Creating Web Sites in Visual Web Developer

Lists walkthrough topics (tutorials) that illustrate how to use Visual Web Developer to create and customize Web sites.

ASP.NET Web Sites (Visual Studio)

Provides information on how to create ASP.NET Web applications (sometimes referred to as a Web sites).

ASP.NET Web Pages (Visual Studio)

Provides information about how ASP.NET Web pages function and how to create and program them.

ASP.NET Web Server Controls (Visual Studio)

Provides information about how ASP.NET Web server controls work, how to add them to ASP.NET pages, and how to program them.

ASP.NET Data Access (Visual Studio)

Provides information on displaying and editing data in ASP.NET Web pages.

ASP.NET Web Site Security (Visual Studio)

Provides information on security threats to your ASP.NET applications, ways to mitigate threats, and ways to authenticate and authorize users.

ASP.NET Debugging and Troubleshooting (Visual Studio)

Provides information on handling errors, debugging ASP.NET pages, viewing trace information during page processing, and monitoring the health of your application.

Customizing ASP.NET Web Sites (Visual Studio)

Provides information on enabling your Web site to track individual users, adding navigation features to your site, creating Web pages for multiple languages and cultures, and creating Web pages that are accessible to people with disabilities.

Managing ASP.NET Web Sites in Visual Studio

Provides information on configuring an ASP.NET Web site, deploying (publishing) Web sites, and managing performance for your applications.

XML Web Services (Visual Studio)

Provides information on creating and using components that can be accessed across the Web using standard protocols such as HTTP.

Converting from Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003

Provides information on converting Web projects created in Visual Studio .NET 2002 or 2003 to the format used for projects in Visual Web Developer, including details about how project settings are handled.

ASP.NET Web Sites for Mobile Devices (Visual Studio)

Provides information on features in ASP.NET that help you create applications that can render to browsers in mobile phones and other devices.