About the ProductModel.Instructions xml Column

The Instructions column in the ProductModel table stores manufacturing instructions as XML documents. These documents were created by using Microsoft Word .NET.

Each XML document contains the complete instructions for manufacturing a specific product model. However, each product model can contain several products. For example, Road 450 is a bicycle product model. There are several bicycles in this product model such as Road 450 Red 25 and Road 450 Green 48. The primary difference among the bicycles in a product model is the color and the size.

For example, the HH Mountain frame, LL Mountain Frame, and ML Mountain Frame are specific products with unique product IDs, but are all frame types within the Mountain bike frame product model.

The ProductID column in the Product table identifies each product. The ProductModelID column in the Product identifies the product model to which the product belongs.

The manufacturing process takes a product from one work center to another, and the XML document describes the manufacturing steps at each work center. In describing the manufacturing steps, the tools, materials, blue prints, and diagrams are all wrapped in XML tags. Therefore, you can query the tags. For example, you can use XQuery to find all the tools used in producing a mountain bike.

This is a typed xml column. The schemas used for this column can be viewed at this Microsoft Web site. This column uses the AdventureWorksProductModelManuInstructions XML schema.

This is a sample XML instance stored in the ProductModel.Instructions column:

<root xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2004/07/adventure-works/ProductModelManuInstructions">
  Adventure Works CyclesFR-210B Instructions for Manufacturing HL Touring FrameSummaryThis document contains manufacturing instructions for manufacturing the HL Touring Frame, Product Model 7. Instructions are work center specific and are identified by Work Center ID. These instructions must be followed in the order presented. Deviation from the instructions is not permitted unless an authorized Change Order detailing the deviation is provided by the Engineering Manager. 
<Location LaborHours="2.5" LotSize="100" MachineHours="3" 
          SetupHours="0.5" LocationID="10">
  Work Center - 10 Frame FormingThe following instructions pertain to Work Center 10. (Setup hours = .5, Labor Hours = 2.5, Machine Hours = 3, Lot Sizing = 100) 
  <step>Insert <material>aluminum sheet MS-2341</material> into the 
  <tool>T-85A framing tool</tool>.</step>
  <step>Attach <tool>Trim Jig TJ-26</tool> to the upper and lower right corners of the aluminum sheet. </step>
  <step>Using a <tool>router with a carbide tip 15</tool> 
  , route the aluminum sheet following the jig carefully. </step>
  <step>Insert the frame into <tool>Forming Tool FT-15</tool> and press Start. </step>
  <step> When finished, inspect the forms for defects per Inspection Specification <specs>INFS-111</specs>.</step>
  <step>Remove the frames from the tool and place them in the Completed or Rejected bin as appropriate.</step> 
<Location LaborHours="1.75" LotSize="1" MachineHours="2" SetupHours="0.15" LocationID="20">
  Work Center 20 - Frame WeldingThe following instructions pertain to Work Center 20. (Setup hours = .15, Labor Hours = 1.75, Machine Hours = 2, Lot Sizing = 1) 
  <step>Assemble all frame components following blueprint 
  <blueprint>1299</blueprint> . </step>
  <step>Weld all frame components together as shown in illustration 
  <diag>3</diag> </step>
  <step>Inspect all weld joints per Adventure Works Cycles Inspection Specification <specs>INFS-208</specs> . </step>
<Location LaborHours="1" LotSize="1" LocationID="30">
  Work Center 30 - Debur and PolishThe following instructions pertain to Work Center 30. (Setup hours = 0, Labor Hours = 1, Machine Hours = 0, Lot Sizing = 1) 
  <step>Using the <tool>standard debur tool</tool> , remove all excess material from weld areas. </step>
  <step>Using <material>Acme Polish Cream</material> , polish all weld areas. </step>
<Location LaborHours="0.5" LotSize="20" MachineHours="0.65" LocationID="45">
  Work Center 45 - Specialized PaintThe following instructions pertain to Work Center 45. (Setup hours = 0, Labor Hours = .5, Machine Hours = .65, Lot Sizing = 20) 
  <step>Attach <material>a maximum of 20 frames</material> 
  to <tool>paint harness</tool> ensuring frames are not touching. 
  <step>Mix <material>primer PA-529S</material>. Test spray pattern on sample area and correct flow and pattern as required per engineering spec 
  <specs>AWC-501</specs>. </step>
  <step>Apply thin coat of primer to all surfaces.</step> 
  <step>After 30 minutes, touch test for dryness. If dry to touch, lightly sand all surfaces. Remove all surface debris with compressed air.</step> 
  <step>Mix <material>paint</material> per manufacturer instructions. </step>
  <step>Test spray pattern on sample area and correct flow and pattern as required per engineering spec <specs>AWC-509</specs>.</step>
  <step>Apply thin coat of paint to all surfaces.</step> 
  <step>After 60 minutes, touch test for dryness. If dry to touch, reapply second coat.</step> 
  <step> Allow paint to cure for 24 hours and inspect per <specs>AWC-5015</specs> . </step>
<Location LaborHours="3" LotSize="1" SetupHours="0.25" LocationID="50">
  Work Center 50 - SubAssembly The following instructions pertain to Work Center 50. (Setup hours = .25, Labor Hours = 3, Machine Hours = 0, Lot Sizing = 1) 
  <step>Add Seat Assembly.</step> 
  <step>Add Brake assembly.</step> 
  <step>Add Wheel Assembly.</step> 
  <step>Inspect Front Derailleur.</step> 
  <step>Inspect Rear Derailleur.</step> 
<Location LaborHours="4" LotSize="1" LocationID="60">
  Work Center 60 - Final Assembly The following instructions pertain to Work Center 60. (Setup hours = 0, Labor Hours = 4, Machine Hours = 0, Lot Sizing = 1) 
<step>Perform final inspection per engineering specification 
  <specs>AWC-915</specs>. </step>
  <step>Complete all required certification forms.</step> 
  <step>Move to shipping.</step> 

Run the following query to find more XML instances:

SELECT Instructions
FROM   Production.ProductModel

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