Get Dialog Box (Source Control)


Retrieves a read-only copy of the selected item from the source control database to your working folder, or another folder that you specify.

In SQL Server Management Studio, select an item in Solution Explorer. On the File menu, click Source Control, then click Get.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

This dialog box is also available by right-clicking the item in Solution Explorer.

Specifies the action being performed on the items to retrieve.

Identifies columns to display and the order in which they are displayed.

Flat View
Display the files you are retrieving as flat lists under their source control connection.

Modified Time
Displays the time when an item was last modified.

Display the names of the items to retrieve. Items appear with the check boxes next to them selected. If you do not want to retrieve a particular item, clear its check box.

Displays source safe plug-in-specific get options when the arrow to the right of the button is clicked.

Sort the order of the displayed columns.

Tree View
Display the folder and file hierarchy for the items you are retrieving.

Retrieve Files
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