This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

call_in_appdomain Function

Executes a function in a specified application domain.

template <typename ArgType1, ...typename ArgTypeN>
void call_in_appdomain(
   DWORD appdomainId,
   void (*voidFunc)(ArgType1, ...ArgTypeN) [ ,
   ArgType1 arg1,
   ArgTypeN argN ]
template <typename RetType, typename ArgType1, ...typename ArgTypeN>
RetType call_in_appdomain(
   DWORD appdomainId,
   RetType (*nonvoidFunc)(ArgType1, ...ArgTypeN) [ ,
   ArgType1 arg1,
   ArgTypeN argN ]


The appdomain in which to call the function.


Pointer to a void function that takes N parameters (0 <= N <= 15).


Pointer to a non-void function that takes N parameters (0 <= N <= 15).


Zero to 15 parameters to be passed to voidFunc or nonvoidFunc in the other appdomain.

The result of executing voidFunc or nonvoidFunc in the specified application domain.

The arguments of the function passed to call_in_appdomain must not be CLR types.

// msl_call_in_appdomain.cpp
// compile with: /clr

// Defines two functions: one takes a parameter and returns nothing,
// the other takes no parameters and returns an int.  Calls both
// functions in the default appdomain and in a newly-created
// application domain using call_in_appdomain.

#include <msclr\appdomain.h>

using namespace System;
using namespace msclr;

void PrintCurrentDomainName( char* format )
   String^ s = gcnew String(format);
   Console::WriteLine( s, AppDomain::CurrentDomain->FriendlyName );

int GetDomainId()
   return AppDomain::CurrentDomain->Id;

int main()
   AppDomain^ appDomain1 = AppDomain::CreateDomain( "First Domain" );

   call_in_appdomain( AppDomain::CurrentDomain->Id,
                   (char*)"default appdomain: {0}" );
   call_in_appdomain( appDomain1->Id,
                   (char*)"in appDomain1: {0}" );

   int id;
   id = call_in_appdomain( AppDomain::CurrentDomain->Id, &GetDomainId );
   Console::WriteLine( "default appdomain id = {0}", id );
   id = call_in_appdomain( appDomain1->Id, &GetDomainId );
   Console::WriteLine( "appDomain1 id = {0}", id );

default appdomain: msl_call_in_appdomain.exe
in appDomain1: First Domain
default appdomain id = 1
appDomain1 id = 2

Header file <msclr\appdomain.h>

Namespace msclr