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Moves a conversation to a different conversation group.

MOVE CONVERSATION conversation_handle
   TO conversation_group_id
[ ; ]


Is a variable or constant containing the conversation handle of the conversation to be moved. The conversation_handle must be of type uniqueidentifier.

TO conversation_group_id

Is a variable or constant containing the identifier of the conversation group where the conversation is to be moved. The conversation_group_id must be of type uniqueidentifier.

The MOVE CONVERSATION statement moves the conversation specified by conversation_handle to the conversation group identified by conversation_group_id. Dialogs can be only be redirected between conversation groups that are associated with the same queue.

If the MOVE CONVERSATION statement is not the first statement in a batch or stored procedure, the preceding statement must be terminated with a semicolon (;), the Transact-SQL statement terminator.

The MOVE CONVERSATION statement locks the conversation group associated with conversation_handle and the conversation group specified by conversation_group_id until the transaction containing the statement commits or rolls back.

MOVE CONVERSATION is not valid in a user-defined function.

To move a conversation, the current user must be the owner of the conversation and the conversation group, or be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role, or be a member of the db_owner fixed database role.

A. Moving a conversation

This example moves a conversation to a different conversation group.

DECLARE @conversation_handle UNIQUEIDENTIFIER,
        @conversation_group_id UNIQUEIDENTIFIER ;

SET @conversation_handle =
    <retrieve conversation handle from database> ;
SET @conversation_group_id =
    <retrieve conversation group ID from database> ;

MOVE CONVERSATION @conversation_handle TO @conversation_group_id ;

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