sysarticles (System View) (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

The sysarticles view exposes article properties. This view is stored in the distribution database.

Column nameData typeDescription
artidintThe identity column that provides a unique ID number for the article.
creation_scriptnvarchar(255)The schema script for the article.
del_cmdnvarchar(255)The command to execute upon DELETE; otherwise, construct from the log.
descriptionnvarchar(255)The descriptive entry for the article.
dest_tablesysnameThe name of the destination table.
filterintThe stored procedure ID, used for horizontal partitioning.
filter_clausentextThe WHERE clause of the article, used for horizontal filtering.
ins_cmdnvarchar(255)The command to execute upon INSERT; otherwise, construct from the log.
namesysnameThe name associated with the article, unique within the publication.
objidintThe published table object ID.
pubidintThe ID of the publication to which the article belongs.
pre_creation_cmdtinyintThe pre-creation command for DROP TABLE, DELETE TABLE, or TRUNCATE:

 0 = None.

 1 = DROP.

 2 = DELETE.

statustinyintThe bitmask of the article options and status, which can be the bitwise logical OR result of one or more of these values:

 1 = Article is active.

 8 = Include the column name in INSERT statements.

 16 = Use parameterized statements.

 24 = Both include the column name in INSERT statements and use parameterized statements.

 64 = The horizontal partition for the article is defined by a transformable subscription.

For example, an active article using parameterized statements would have a value of 17 in this column. A value of 0 means that the article is inactive and no additional properties are defined.
sync_objidintThe ID of the table or view that represents the article definition.
typetinyintThe type of article:

 1 = Log-based article.

 3 = Log-based article with manual filter.

 5 = Log-based article with manual view.

 7 = Log-based article with manual filter and manual view.

 8 = Stored procedure execution.

 24 = Serializable stored procedure execution.

 32 = Stored procedure (schema only).

 64 = View (schema only).

 128 = Function (schema only).
upd_cmdnvarchar(255)The command to execute upon UPDATE; otherwise, construct from the log.
schema_optionbinary(8)A bitmask of the schema generation options for the article, which control what parts of the article schema are scripted out for delivery to the Subscriber. For more information about schema options, see sp_addarticle (Transact-SQL).
dest_ownersysnameThe owner of the table at the destination database.
ins_scripting_procintThe registered custom stored procedure or script that is executed when an INSERT statement is replicated.
del_scripting_procintThe registered custom stored procedure or script that is executed when a DELETE statement is replicated.
upd_scripting_procintThe registered custom stored procedure or script that is executed when an UPDATE statement is replicated.
custom_scriptnvarchar(2048)The registered custom stored procedure or script that is executed at the end of the DDL trigger.
fire_triggers_on_snapshotbitIndicates whether replicated triggers are executed when the snapshot is applied, which can be one of these values:

 0 = Triggers are not executed.

 1 = Triggers are executed.

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