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How to: Add a Nested Table to the Input Tables for the Mining Accuracy Chart

In Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS), the data that you use to test the accuracy of a set of mining models is sometimes contained within a case table and an associated nested table.

For More Information: How to: Select Input Tables

  1. On the Mining Accuracy Chart tab in Data Mining Designer in Business Intelligence Development Studio, click Select Nested Table on the Select Input Tables(s) table.

    The Select Table dialog box opens, in which you can select the table that contains the nested table.

  2. In the Select Table dialog box, select a data source from the Data Source list.

  3. In the Table/View Name box, select the table that contains the data you want to use to test the models.

  4. Click OK.

    If a relationship already exists, the columns in the mining structure are automatically mapped to the columns that have the same name in the input table. You can modify the relationship between the nested table and the case table by clicking Modify Join, which opens the Create Relationship dialog box. If a relationship does not already exist between the nested table and the case table, the Specify Nested Join dialog box opens.

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