Modify a Data Source (Multidimensional Model)

You can use Data Source Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) to change the properties of an existing data source object in an Analysis Services database or project. You can change the name of the data source object, the connection string, isolation level, query timeout, maximum number of connections, or the optional description. You can also specify authentication credentials for the data source in Data Source Designer.

If you have multiple data source objects in the solution and you prefer to maintain the connection string in one place, you can configure the current data source to reference the other data source object.

A data source reference is an association to another Analysis Services project or data source in the same solution. References provide a means to synchronize data sources between objects in a solution. The connection string information is synchronized whenever you build the project. To change the connection string for a data source that references another object, you must change the connection string of the referenced object.

To modify a data source

  1. In SSDT, open the project or connect to the database that contains the data source that you want to modify.

  2. In Solution Explorer, expand the Data Sources folder and double-click the data source to open the Data Source Designer dialog box.

    If the Maintain a reference to another object in the solution option is selected, then the Connection string option is not available because the data source uses the connection string of the referenced object.

    You can remove the reference by clearing the check box. This ends the synchronization between the objects and lets you change the connection string in the data source.