Initialization Properties (OLE DB)

The DBPROPSET_DBINIT property set contains the following properties. All these properties are in the Initialization property group.

Property ID (properties not supported




  • Type: VT_BSTR

  • R/W: R/W

  • Description: Data Source

  • Notes: Specifies the name of the data store to which to connect.


  • Type: VT_I4

  • R/W: R/W

  • Description: Locale Identifier

  • Notes: The locale ID (LCID) of preference for the consumer. Consumers specify the LCID at initialization. This provides a method by which the server can determine the consumer's LCID of choice. This property does not guarantee that all text returned to the consumer will be translated according to the LCID. If no LCID is specified during database creation, SQL Server Compact will use the system LCID by default. By default, previous versions of SQL Server Compact used a value of 1033.


  • Type: VT_I4

  • R/W: R

  • Description: The file mode that the engine will use to open the database file.

  • Notes: Valid values are "Read Only", "Read Write", "Exclusive", and "Shared Read". "Read Only" mode will let you open a read only file and will prevent any changes to the database file. "Read Write" is the default mode and will permit multiple processes to work with the database normally. "Exclusive" will prevent any other processes from opening the database and will permit the current process to work normally. "Shared Read" will let other processes open the database in read only mode but will let the current process work normally.