syssubscriptions (Transact-SQL)


Applies To: SQL Server

Contains one row for each subscription in the database. This table is stored in the publication database.

Column nameData typeDescription
artidintThe unique ID of an article.
srvidsmallintThe server ID of the Subscriber.
dest_dbsysnameThe name of the destination database.
statustinyintThe status of the subscription:

 0 = Inactive.

 1 = Subscribed.

 2 = Active.
sync_typetinyintThe type of initial synchronization:

 1 = Automatic.

 2 = None
login_namesysnameThe login name used when adding the subscription.
subscription_typeintThe type of subscription:

0 = Push - the distribution agent runs at the Distributor.

1 = Pull - the distribution agent runs at the Subscriber.
distribution_jobidbinary(16)The job ID of the Distribution Agent.
timestamptimestampThe timestamp.
update_modetinyintThe update mode:

 0 = Read only.

 1 = Immediate-updating.
loopback_detectionbitApplies to subscriptions that are part of a bidirectional transactional replication topology. Loopback detection determines whether the Distribution Agent sends transactions originated at the Subscriber back to the Subscriber:

 0 = Sends back.

 1 = Does not send back.
queued_reinitbitSpecifies whether the article is marked for initialization or reinitialization. A value of 1 specifies that the subscribed article is marked for initialization or reinitialization.
nosync_typetinyintThe type of subscription initialization:

 0 = automatic (snapshot)

 1 = replication support only

 2 = initialize with backup

 3 = initialize from log sequence number (LSN)

For more information, see the @sync_type parameter of sp_addsubscription.
srvnamesysnameThe name of the Subscriber.

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