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Set and Retrieve Version Information

Set and Retrieve Version Information


Version information includes the history and current status of a source-controlled file. For every source-controlled file, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe maintains a comprehensive history, so you can track the evolution of one or more files over time. You can also use this information to retrieve a local copy of any version of the file or to compare any two file versions.

The history of a file includes:

  • The version number, which identifies its sequence among other versions of the same file.

  • The action performed. Tracked operations include file creation, check in, and deletion.

  • The user name of the person who performed an action involving the file.

  • The date and time when the operation was performed.

Visual SourceSafe also maintains current status information on the currently loaded solution. This information provides a snapshot of the current state of the file, including:

  • The identity of the user who has the file checked out.

  • The latest version number of the selected file.

  • The date when the version was created.

  • The user comment associated with the version.

  • The paths to the projects with which the file is shared.

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