View a List of Modified Files


You can use the Pending Checkins window to display at all times a list of the checked-out files in the current solution, and to check in these files with a single button click.

To view a list of modified files

  1. On the View menu, click Pending Checkins.

  2. To check in the selected files, click Check In. Alternatively, you can dock the Pending Checkins window on the right side of the Management Studio environment so that you can check in the files when you are finished working.

    Check In
    Checks in the solution.

    Associates a plain text comment with the pending check in. A comment is created and associated with each version of a project, and stored in the source control database.

    Specifies the actions that source control should take when you click the Check In button.

    • Keep All Checked Out

      Specifies that your changes should be written to the source control provider but that the files should remain checked out.

    Specifies the sort order for the columns displayed in the Items list.

    Displays a list of the columns you can add to the window's Items list.

    Tree View
    Displays the folder and file hierarchy for the solution or project you are checking in.

    Flat View
    Displays the files you are checking in as flat lists under their source control connection.

    Compare Versions
    Opens the Visual SourceSafe Difference Options dialog box, which compares a selected file in your development environment project to any other selected file and shows you the differences, if any.

    Undo checkout
    Reverses the checkout of all items selected in the Pending Checkins window.

    Displays a list of the items available for check in. Items appear with the check box next to them selected. If you do not want to check in a particular item, clear the check box next to it.

Manage Checkins
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