Configuration Element (DTA)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Specifies a user-specified configuration consisting of existing and hypothetical physical design structures for the Database Engine Tuning Advisor to analyze when tuning a workload.

    <Configuration [SpecificationMode="Relative" | "Absolute"]>  
    ...code removed here...  

Configuration AttributeDescription
SpecificationModeOptional. Specifies whether Database Engine Tuning Advisor should analyze the specified configuration in relation to the current existing configuration, or as a completely new, standalone one. Use a string data type to specify this attribute with one of the following allowed values:

Evaluates the specified configuration in relation to the current existing configuration of physical design structures (indexes, indexed views, partitioning) in the database that is being tuned. For example:

 <Configuration SpecificationMode="Relative">

Evaluates the specified configuration as a standalone configuration. When Absolute is specified, Database Engine Tuning Advisor does not consider the existing configuration. For example:

 <Configuration SpecificationMode="Absolute">
Data type and lengthNone.
Default valueNone.
OccurrenceOptional. Can use once for each DTAInput element.
Parent elementDTAInput Element (DTA)
Child elementsServer Element for Configuration (DTA)

For a usage example of this element, see the XML Input File Sample with User-specified Configuration (DTA).

XML Input File Reference (Database Engine Tuning Advisor)

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