How to: Check In Files

To make source-controlled files that you have modified available to other users, you must check the files into source control. When you check in a file, the version you check in is written to the source control provider and becomes the latest version of the file.

You can use the Check In command to check in files. If you use this command to check in a solution or project, all the files in the solution or project are also checked in. However, checking in an individual source code file does not result in the check-in of the project or solution to which it belongs.

To check in a file

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the file to check in, and then click Check In.

  2. If the Check In dialog box appears, select the appropriate options, and then click OK.

If the file you have checked in is not part of a shared checkout, the SQL Server Management Studio environment checks in the file immediately. Otherwise, it may prompt you to merge your version with versions created by other users.

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