Managing Checkins

To make changes to a source-controlled file available to other users, you must check in the file. When you check in a file, the version you have created is copied to the source control provider, becomes the latest version of the file, and is generally available to users who have the appropriate permissions.

Use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to check in files. When you need to update the source control store periodically, but also need to maintain control over a set of files, you can specify that files you check in remain checked out to you.

The following table describes the topics in this section.



How to: Check In Files

Provides instructions on how to check in a file you have modified.

How to: View a List of Modified Files

Explains how to display a list of modified files that you can check in together when you are finished working.

How to: Edit Checked-In Files

Explains how to configure the SQL Server Management Studio environment so that you can modify files that are not checked out.

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