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Compiler Error C3114


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argument': not a valid named attribute argument

In order for an attribute class data member to be a valid named argument, it must not be marked static, const, or literal. If a property, the property must not be static and must have get and set accessors.

For more information, see property and User-Defined Attributes.

The following sample generates C3114.

// C3114.cpp  
// compile with: /clr /c  
public ref class A : System::Attribute {  
   static property int StaticProp {  
      int get();  
   property int Prop2 {  
      int get();  
      void set(int i);  
[A(StaticProp=123)]   // C3114  
public ref class R {};  
[A(Prop2=123)]   // OK  
public ref class S {};