Opening Solutions and Projects from Source Control

You can use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to open a solution or project directly from source control. When you open a solution from source control, the Management Studio environment automatically retrieves the latest version of the solution and copies it to the location you specify.

If you do not have a local copy of a solution, you must open it from source control before you can perform source control operations on it. After you have retrieved a local copy of the solution, you do not need to open it from source control again; you can open the local copy and use standard source control commands, such as Get Latest Version or Check Out, to perform the desired operation.

The following table describes the topics in this section.

Topic Description

How to: Open Solutions from Source Control

Explains how to use the Management Studio environment to open solutions directly from source control.

How to: Open Projects from Source Control

Explains how to open a project from source control so you can check out and modify the project files.

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