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When IntelliSense Is Unavailable

There are certain cases when the IntelliSense options may not work as you expect:

  • There is a code error above the cursor.
    If there is an incomplete statement or other coding error above the location of the insertion point, IntelliSense may be unable to parse the code elements and therefore will not work. You can comment out the applicable code to enable IntelliSense again.
  • You are inside a code comment.
    IntelliSense options are not available if the insertion point is within a comment in your source file.
  • You are inside a string literal.
    IntelliSense options are not available if the insertion point is inside the quotation marks around a string literal, as in:
    WHERE FirstName LIKE 'Patri%|'
  • The automatic options are turned off.
    Many IntelliSense features work automatically by default, but you can disable any feature.
    Even when automatic statement completion is disabled, you can invoke an IntelliSense feature. For more information, see How to: Modify IntelliSense Options.
IntelliSense is not implemented for Transact-SQL editors.

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