How to: Upgrade Wizard-Generated Managed Extensions for C++ Code
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How to: Upgrade Wizard-Generated Managed Extensions for C++ Code

Visual Studio wizards generate code in your source files, either when the project is created, or when functionality is added via a code wizard.

When upgrading a project, it is usually necessary to upgrade the wizard-generated code as well. For Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, a common scenario is upgrading code written with Managed Extensions for C++ to use new Visual C++ language features instead.

To upgrade code that uses Managed Extensions C++ code:

  • Convert the code manually, using the Managed Extensions for C++ Syntax Upgrade Checklist.

  • Use Visual C++ 2008 to generate a new project of the same type, then either move your existing code into the new project or cut-and-paste the wizard-generated portions of the new project into the existing one.

For the most part, upgrading from Managed Extensions for C++ is just a matter of changing the syntax, but there are some semantic differences.

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