Mixed, Pure, and Verifiable Feature Comparison (C++/CLI)


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This topic compares features among the different /clr compilation modes. For more information, see /clr (Common Language Runtime Compilation).

FeatureMixed (/clr)Pure (/clr:pure)Safe (/clr:safe)Related Information
CRT librarysupportedsupportedRun-Time Routines by Category
MFC/ATLsupportedMFC Desktop Applications | Class Overview
Unmanaged FunctionssupportedMixed (Native and Managed) Assemblies
Unmanaged DatasupportedsupportedPure and Verifiable Code (C++/CLI)
Callable from Unmanaged FunctionssupportedHow to: Migrate to /clr:pure (C++/CLI)
Supports calling unmanaged FunctionssupportedC-style functions onlyP/Invoke onlyUsing C++ Interop (Implicit PInvoke)
Supports ReflectionDLLs onlysupportedsupportedReflection (C++/CLI)

Pure and Verifiable Code (C++/CLI)