Using the Visual C# IDE
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Using the Visual C# IDE 

This section introduces you to the Visual C# integrated development environment (IDE) and describes how it is used in all phases of the development cycle, from setting up a project to distributing the finished application to end users.

In This Section

Introduction to the IDE (Visual C#)

Provides a guide to the editors and windows that make up the Visual C# integrated development environment.

Creating a Project (Visual C#)

Describes setting up the right project for the kind of application you want to create.

Designing a User Interface (Visual C#)

Explains using the designers to add controls to your application.

Editing Code (Visual C#)

Describes entering source code with the Code Editor and using tools such as IntelliSense, Code Snippets, and Refactoring.

Navigating and Searching (Visual C#)

Describes moving around in your project files and finding things fast.

Building and Debugging (Visual C#)

Describes how to create an executable assembly from your project files, and how to run it in the Visual Studio debugger.

Modeling and Analyzing Code (Visual C#)

Describes how to view class relationships with Class Designer, test objects with Object Test Bench, and run the code analysis tools.

Adding and Editing Resources (Visual C#)

Describes adding files such as icons, strings, tables, and other types of data to your project.

Getting Help (Visual C#)

Explains how to find the documentation you need.

Deploying C# Applications

Describes distributing your application to end users.

Visual C# Code Editor Features

Provides complete reference material on IDE features that are unique to Visual C#, including Code Snippets and Refactoring.

Visual C# IDE Settings

Describes how to change the default Visual C# settings.

Visual C# Keyboard Shortcuts

Explains how to speed up the way you use Visual C#.

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