Anonymous Access (SQL Server Compact)

Anonymous Access (SQL Server Compact)

The Anonymous Access page of the Configure Web Synchronization Wizard lets you specify the account that will be used to establish anonymous access with the virtual directory that exists on the computer that is running Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

User account

When Anonymous access is selected, the anonymous user (by default, computername\IUSR_computername) is automatically provided the appropriate NTFS file system permissions to the computer that is running IIS. Read and Write access permissions are set on the content folder for SQL Server Compact 3.5 and Read & Execute access permission is set on the SQL Server Compact 3.5 Server Agent (Sqlcesa35.dll).

You can specify a different anonymous user by clicking Change.

Password and Confirm password

The Password and Confirm Password fields are deactivated as they accept the default credentials of the anonymous user, computername\IUSR_computername.

If you change the user account, you have to specify and confirm a new password.

The virtual directory will be used for SQL Server merge replication with a snapshot share.

If your application uses merge replication and a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) configured snapshot (not FTP configured snapshot only), then NTFS Read permissions on the actual snapshot folder and the share are required.

Select this check box if one or more of the following states exists:

  • A UNC snapshot share has already been created and specified during the configuration of the SQL Server Distributor.
  • The UNC snapshot share has been created and will be specified when the SQL Server Distributor is configured.
A folder or share cannot be created by using the Configure Web Synchronization Wizard. It must already exist.

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