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How to: Correct Compiler Errors with Auto Correction (Visual Basic)

The Smart Compile Auto Correction feature suggests corrections when errors occur, allowing you to pick a solution to be applied to the code.

To correct an error with Smart Compile Auto Correction

  1. When an error occurs that can be corrected with Smart Compile Auto Correction, a glyph is displayed under the right side of the squiggle. Resting the mouse pointer over the squiggle will turn the symbol into a smart-tag panel.

  2. Click or rest the mouse pointer over the smart-tag panel. The Error Correction Options helper window opens and displays a description of the error as well as a set of suggestions for fixing the error. Click the fix you would like to apply.

  3. You can undo changes that have been applied with an Undo operation (CTRL+Z). To dismiss the Error Correction Options helper window, click elsewhere in the editor.

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